Calisthenics & Gymnastic Skills

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Whereas our main Calisthenics classes focus on building the body through key foundational movements since as pull, push, raise & squat. Our skill based classes focus on specific Calisthenics & Gymnastic skills such as handstands & muscle-ups. The classes are structured around the needs of beginner & advanced students, laying out the progressive steps needed to start your journey towards the skill as well as steps needed to finally achieve… Read More »Calisthenics & Gymnastic Skills

Personal & Private Group Sessions

Can’t get to the many public classes that we provide? Why not choose a time that suits you with our personal & group training options. Personal Training Choose to train individually with our Head Coach & make massive strides forward with your training.  Our 1 on 1 sessions focus on specific needs, allowing for greater personal development & faster goal achivements.  Whether you choose 1 session to gain a better… Read More »Personal & Private Group Sessions


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Learn self-defence, increase your fitness levels and engage your entire body: the benefits of our standing striking classes are numerous. From your core arms and shoulder to your legs and glutes, punching & kicking also strengthens your muscles while increasing your stamina — and gives you a tough cardio workout to boot. What is Shaolin Sanda? Sanda literally means “free fighting” which means taking any techniques from the forms and putting them… Read More »Striking/Wrestling