Membership Rebooking Aug’20

We are delighted to announce that we are reopening the Gym Monday October the 5th! Looking forward to returning to training with old & new members alike. Check out the most recent pictures & video of our new gym below:

All Calisthenics class are now sold out! Our next plan is to establish our morning classes. If you are interested or know of of anyone that would like to join us, message us with your details & your preferred time & day during the week.





Students per class have been reduced to 8. This allows for a more exclusive gym experience that promotes personal development through a more focused teacher student relationship.

To secure your place don’t forget to select the classes you want to attend every week through our Online Booking tab located on the pull down menu at the top of the page. Making sure to select the ‘Pay on Arrival’ option when finishing your order & payment can be organised with reception when we return to training in the next few weeks.

Classes Per Week1234Full Access
Cost per month€35€50€65€70€80

*(Rolling Monthly Memberships can be cancelled at any time)