Sunday Seminar – 31st October 2021


Lian Bu Quan (連步拳, liánbù quán) means “Continuous Stepping Sequence.” It is the first and most fundamental Northern Shaolin Long Fist form and was trained in the Jingwu Association. This form is usually taught as an introduction to footwork and postures, particularly strategies for advancing and withdrawing in long-range fighting. Stability and fluency in stances is essential prior to learning this sequence.





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This seminar is open to beginners & experienced students alike, even if this is your first time training with us you will gain a lot of fundamental knowledge of Longfist & its many techniques.

Training will begin at the gym for 10:00am & we will train for 4hours to finish at 2:00pm.

Places are limited so everyone attending the seminar must book in & pay online to secure their place.


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