Gymnastic Mobility & Strength Conditioning Class

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Our gymnastics based Mobility & Strength Conditioning classes develop coordination, timing, agility & flexibility through the movements of bending, tucking & twisting. Amazing strength is achieved through the development of dynamic positions such as the handstands, back bridge & L-hold.

Learning to control the body in basic gymnastic skills has great carryover to the other sports & the art of falling correctly is of great importance in many sports as well as normal daily activities. A relaxed rolling fall very often prevents or reduces injury and enable a person to regain his feet quickly after a fall.

Gymnastics is a natural activity, it is self-motivating and provides a great deal of fun and enjoyment for its participants.

Courage and determination are developed in some of the more daring and difficult gymnastic stunts. More advanced stunts involve movements performed with the body completely in the air!

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