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Wrestling is a great sport because anybody can do it! In this sport, you wrestle people that are the same weight as you; size is not an issue as it may be in a sport like football or basketball. The sport of wrestling also helps young people develop important qualities such as self-esteem, sportsmanship, work ethic and leadership skills. Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport and teaches control, not violence. Wrestling develops agility, balance, reflexes and strength in every major muscle group and can dramatically improve one’s ability to perform in other sports.

A fully conditioned wrestler is the most anaerobically fit athlete of any sport.  With cat-like precision and explosive power, a wrestler executes a burst of energy every 6 to 10 seconds during a match.  Wrestlers look healthy, fit and muscular because of the way they train. You don’t necessarily need separate workouts for cardio, strength, endurance and agility because you get all of that in a single wrestling practice. Wrestling training is training from the top down. Just one workout with multiple benefits.

It takes ten hours of aerobic activity to burn a pound of fat.  Not a very efficient way to lose weight.  But short, intense workouts and training in sports like wrestling and weightlifting will make you burn more calories in less time.  In addition, intense training increases your metabolism and calorie burn long after your workout is done.

Wrestlers know how to defend themselves and neutralize threats quickly. Through wrestling you learn to control your opponent. As you advance we combine striking with your grappling to make you a truly formidable fighter!

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